Make your Phantom stand out

Self-adhesive covers for DJI Phantom 3, 4, 4PRO


What will your drone be like?

Your Phantom is the most eye-catching!

The self-adhesive cover will make your drone stand out among its fellow drones and will let you easily spot it in the sky or find it in the grass or snow.

We be of one blood, thou and I

Or why you can trust us

Our team consists of enthusiastic experts who have dealt with many drones. We offer our products not to our clients, but rather to like-minded people, so we choose materials that we use ourselves.

Unique design

Not happy with available designs? Upload your image and get a unique cover!

Practical packaging

Hard packaging tube will protect the material from any damage during transportation and will serve as an excellent storage case for spare propellers and other small items.

High quality

Our cover is durable but light. It won’t make the drone any heavier and will protect it from scratches!

Affordable price

Prices for covers start at >17 USD!

Create your own design

Upload the image you would like to see on your drone and get an original design. The image must be in jpeg format, with a resolution of at least 400dpi.

  • The price for printing a cover with your own design is 17 USD.

No time to apply it by yourself?

We will do it for you for just 9 USD.

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